Roberto Gary Ortiz


Has very valuable experience in the Mexican Public Sector, where he worked for nearly 20 years. As one of his public duties, he directed large groups of people working on procurement departments, which meant intensive interaction with governmental authorities, including comptrollership officials.

At the same time, he has worked from all standpoints related to procurement, developing a professional relationship with so many suppliers and contractors in Mexico and with some abroad.

Mr. Gary has imparted several courses and conferences to Mexican and foreign companies. During a few years, he represented a Canadian corporation doing business with Pemex.



  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Business Administration Bachelor Degree.
  • Universidad Humanitas. Law Degree.
  • Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública. Public Finance Specialist.
Specialized education

Courses and seminars related to financial and administrative issues, human resources, material resources management, acquisitions and public works and some other subjects, organized for the agencies and entities where he used to work and in the private sector. Teaching disciplines and techniques at Universidad ISEC.

Relevant projects

Has provided consultant services and has participated in great projects of good and services, among them: Information Technology, public works, integral projects, acquisition of airplanes, military equipment, and specialized services contracts.

He was part of the specialized team, which the Firm built in order to elaborate the Country Procurement Assessment Report for the World Bank. Also coordinated the State Procurement Assessment Report for the same institution, for twelve federate entities.

Has contributed in some projects for reengineer and reorganize procurement areas.